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90 day accountability challenge

Holding myself accountable for the next 90 days online and offline.



– Figure out daily routine and current processes

– Understand how current products and services are working (journey from beginning to end)

– Assess competition



– Assess what is working and what could be improved in current process

– Evaluate possible changes

– Trial and experiment with new processes



– Confirm new ways of working

– Impliment new strategies

– Compare progress and results


About Me

I am a young entrepeneur who is building a handful of businesses to leave a legacy.

2016 – I left university
2017 – Industry Haus was launched (December)
2018 – I found my love of sewing again and began to make bags. This enabled me to relaunch Loren-Jai Freeman, a conceptual fashion label (October)
2019 – I collaborated with my cousin to bring the idea of The Feel Good Formula to fruition (December)
2020 – I began my journey as a Herbalife independent distributor (March)

My life is extremely busy but I’m loving lockdown as it’s allowing me to make time for different aspects of my businesses and allow them to thrive post lockdown/COVID-19.


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