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We are at that time of year where we have set new year’s resolutions but realistically do we really keep them? Rather than a resolution why not set goals and intentions.

Personally I’ve found that 90 day plans have worked really well and it takes the pressure off of long term achievements. I always start with the end goal of what I want to achieve and work backwards with mini milestones in between.

It takes 21 day to create a habit and 90 days to make a complete lifestyle change. Let’s say you set 12 goals or intentions that you would like to have achieved by the end of this year, work on one at a time and 21-30 days later introduce another one and so on until you get to the end of your list.

My first intention is to start waking up at 6am as I found I was much more productive and in turn I was much more successful in business during the first half of last year when I started this.

Thinking about the year we’ve had compared to what we thought our year would be like may have been completely different but there is no need to feel guilty about anything. You are alive and that is one thing to be grateful for every single day.

So forward think from now;
What do you want to achieve?
What do you want to get better at?
What things do you want to start?
What do you want to be remembered for?
Where do you want to go?
And most importantly WHO do you want to be?

All of these questions could help you have a rough idea for your entire life span or the next 1-5 years, either way having vision is important.

The 8 areas you may want to think about setting intentions in are:
– Business/Career
– Finances
– Health
– Family/Friends
– Romantic Relationships
– Personal Growth
– Fun
– Physical Environment

So I’m a dreamer. I love thinking about where I want to be in the future and also what I need to do to get there. Thinking into the future can become quite addictive so you also have to take a step back and think about the here and now. Sometimes your goals can be big and you may feel super overwhelmed but think about where you are now and the next few steps spanning 90 days until you have achieved it.

So let’s get down to action!
1. Make a list of intentions – If you’re new to 90 day plans try to get a minimum of 4, if you’re ready to play full out this year find a maximum of 12 to start putting into action this year >>> You want your goals to be challenging enough to stretch you. If your end goal doesn’t scare you you may find it’s not big enough. Too many goals that are not aligned may dilute your plan of action so if you are a person of many talents focus on a 90 day cycle to transform one area of your life.

2. Choose which three you would like to start with for the first 90 days and order them in priority. Ask yourself what milestones will get you to your goal faster? Don’t forget to write them down.

3. If some of your goals can’t be completed in 90 days, set one of the stages to be completed at a minimum.

4. Looking at the month overall you want to give yourself something achievable to focus on for the first 21-30 days, for example if you want to be more active maybe set yourself a target of walking for 30 minutes a day or wake up and jog round the block until it becomes natural and then build on it.

5. Break that down into small chunks lets think of a weekly or daily focus. A 90 day plan is a one day plan done over and over again. So figure out what you already do on a daily basis and then find time each day to work on your new intention. If you have no gaps during the day think about waking up earlier or going to bed later. Your daily goal could become part of your to do list if it helps you to get it done, just don’t forget it. Consistency will really help you as it will become second nature even on the days you don’t want to do it. At the end of each week you want to have a look at your progress and ask yourself “Is what you are doing bringing me closer to my goal?”, if not make a slight adjustment and go again for another week.

And to my last thoughts START TODAY! For example, a 90 day plan starting on 2nd January would end on 1st April. 

Improve your habits and get organised because this year is your year!

Being comfortable is the enemy of your progress!

Remember your 90 day plan is only as good as your overall intention. Being clear and concise is a game changer!